Monday, December 8, 2014

The List 1.1

Remember my bucket list back in November 2012? There are a few things that I wanted to change to suit my current life. A lot has changed for the past years, and I would like to update the list to something that I am more capable of completing. I know it sounded like cheating, but.. darn it, it's my list, I can do whatever I want! *la la la*

So, here goes, an updated version of my bucket list, The List 1.1.

1. Set foot in at least 5 continents (Currently: Asia, Europe and Australia)
2. Go to Sydney, take picture of the Sydney Opera House
3. Go to Venice, ride a Gondola
4. Go to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower
5. Go to London, see the Big Ben
6. Go to Pisa, take a silly photo with the Leaning Tower
7. Go to Kyoto, visit the Golden Pavilion
8. Go to Kyoto, visit the Kiyomizu Temple
9. Go to Beijing, visit the Forbidden City
10. Go to New York, take picture of the Statue of Liberty
11. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge Go to Kinmen (grandparents' birthplace)
12. Visit the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC
13. Visit 5 more Museums
     (a) Australian Museum, Sydney
     (b) Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
     (c) National Maritime Museum, Sydney
     (d) Natural History Museum, London
     (e) Louvre, Paris
14. Take picture with 10 famous person
15. Spend New Year's Eve somewhere else
16. Experience a White Christmas
17. Visit Disneyland
18. Visit Universal Studio
19. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
20. Experience Spring
21. Experience Autumn
22. Experience Winter
23. Watch sunrise and sunset
24. Witness 3 astronomical events
25. Go on a cruise
26. Go on safari
27. Visit a food processing factory
28. Ride in a hot air balloon
29. Ride a Ferris Wheel
30. Ride a Roller Coaster
31. Ride a Segway
32. Ride a subway Try skiing
33. See koala
34. See panda
35. See fireflies
36. See penguins
37. Ride a camel
38. Ride an elephant Travel by myself
39. Play gold once
40. Bowl a Strike
41. Horseback Riding
42. Fencing
43. Archery
44. Fly a kite
45. Learn to Juggle
46. Take up photography Become a decent photographer
47. Fishing
48. Learn to do a split
49. Go ice skating
50. Go paintballing
51. Go parasailing
52. Go for reflexology
53. Go to a concert
54. Participate in treasure hunt
55. Complete a 1k pieces puzzle
56. Get a self portrait by street artist
57. Take a flight alone
58. Plan my own travel itinerary
59. Go to the movie alone
60. Fire a pistol gun
61. Dye my hair
62. Fly first class
63. Stay a night in Presidential Suite
64. Reread Harry Potter series
65. Bet $50 on 'Red' with Roulette
66. Speak 5 Languages
      (a) English
      (b) Mandarin
      (c) Malay
67. Learn a musical instrument
68. Learn to cycle
69. Learn to swim
70. Eat Escargot
71. Have Cheese Fondue
72. Eat Caviar
73. Eat fresh oyster
74. Cook a decent meal
75. Bake a cake
76. Finish alphabet ATC series Run a Marathon
77. Be a part of any paper crafting design team
78. Participate (physically) in a craft class
79. Complete a gratitude journal Score 20 points in At the Gates of Loyang
80. Try zentangle doodling
81. Finish a coloring book
82. Take a photo everyday for a year
83. Scrapbook every week for a year
84. Solve the Rubik's Cube Journal everyday for a year
85. Participate in NaNoWriMo
86. Submit an article for magazine/newspaper and get published
87. Start a blog and maintain it
88. Write a fiction story
89. Get a pen pal Send some happy snail mail to someone
90. Write a letter to future self
91. Have $1 mil in bank Be in a good shape
92. Invest in stock market Donate handmade cards for elderly
93. Own a shop (not in brick and mortar form, related to my crafty hobbies)
94. Pay off my student loan in 10 years
95. Donate anonymously
96. Volunteer for a charity event
97. Become an early riser
98. Sponsor a child
99. Life Long Learning Complete an online course every quarter for a year
100. Get married before 30
101. Complete this bucket list

    Color Coding:

    I have crossed off 23 items on the list so far. There are a few more that I think I can accomplish on the coming year, if I am determined (eg. learn to juggle, archery, to do a split).

    I have replaced a few items with new ones to better suit my current wants and needs. The first list that I did, some of the items are not really what I wanted, but it was on others' lists, so I kinda copied them and placed in my own list. So after two years and knowing myself better, I removed them and try to replace them with new items. The list might change again, or get longer, but right now, these items on the list are what I really wanted to try, and hopefully I can achieve them before I hit 30.

    So, this is my boring and not-so-exciting bucket list. December is here, and it's about time for another round of New Year Resolutions planning. I did not do well on this year's resolutions (did I even make one this year? LOL), but I am much more determined to do better next year. I have started writing and planning since last week, but there is still a lot more fine-tuning to do for the plans and goals to be achieved effectively. I will share more when I am finally done with the planning, hopefully by end of this month. =)

    Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week!


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