Sunday, November 30, 2014

So Totally Wonderful

Hello hello, Happy Sunday!

This week's post is a short one, it's about a simple handmade card I made. 

I bought some clear stamps and a pack of A6 Card Blanks few weeks ago, in an attempt to convince myself to get back to cardmaking. So, this is the first card I made after my very long break from cardmaking. (The last card I made was in April 2013 *gasp*)

Without further ado..

Ta da~~

Oh so cute!

Oh so wonderful =p

I really really love this Hispter Pets stamp by Some Odd Girl, so darn cute!! The sentiment stamp is by Technique Tuesday. Since this is my first card after a break so long, I tried to keep it simple. Of course, every time I do stamping, the first image will definitely have some flaws/smudges etc., so this is actually my second try. Glad this one turned out okay. =)

The first image did not go to waste though, I fuzzy cut it and placed it in my planner, along with the colors that I used to color the image. I used Faber-Castell classic color pencil, nothing fancy.

Excuse this over exposed image, I took it with my new HTC M8
And since I'm all about fully utilizing the knock off version planner of mine these days, I wrote down the supplies I used for this card on a blank page and keep it in my planner. But I don't think writing the supplies I used and placed it in the planner is a good practice, so I will stop doing it. But for now, I'm kinda lazy to type them out, so here you go.

That is all for today. Thank you for stopping by. If you wish to see more of my paper craft posts and photos, do follow my blog and my Instagram

Have a lovely evening!


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