Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Should be Blogging..

*but I was lazy*

Happy December! It's public holiday (for my state) here today, and I managed to create 2 layouts and took pictures of all the other layouts that I did after I came back from Sydney last month. So, I have a total of 5 layouts to share in the coming weeks. What's more, the Project Life pocket pages that I ordered from Studio Calico arrived yesterday, can't even express how excited I was when I came home and found 2 large parcels waiting for me! =) Though I had to admit I am a bit disappointed with the Scrapbook Mystery Kits that I ordered. They sent me 2 kits that I already have. *sigh* Well, at least the Project Life Mystery Kits are good. I have a few items that I know I won't be using, maybe I'll RAK it somewhere. 

Anyway, since the pocket pages are here, I can start making layouts for my Kyoto/Osaka trip! And today I get my lazy arse to finish all my Bangkok trip layouts (2 layouts in a day!), woohooo~! *proud of meself*

2014 is approaching *gasp, you gotta be kidding me* and it's about time to do all the new year resolution stuffs again. I know I didn't do well on my resolution this year, but at least I did get some of the items off the list. Nope, not going to beat myself up for not completing each and every item on the list. Though I think I'll loosen up a bit the coming year. We'll see. =)

And for those procrastinators out there, this interesting read might be what you need to get your arse off and start doing things. 

Alright, I should be sleeping right now. Good night, folks! 


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