Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sydney Take Two Mini Album

Oh my, I'm excited for my holiday! Though I'll be going to Sydney *again*, but it will be a different trip compared to the one last year, because I have plans! And there's a Paper Craft Festival that I'm looking forward to, woohooo~

I managed to get the mini album done this time, and I'm loving every bit of it! This mini album is inspired by Kathy Orta's style, chipboard covers with multiple pockets. Of course, her projects/mini albums all have multiple pages but since this is my first try, I just did a very very simple version.

So, here goes!

Sydney Take Two 2013!

How I designed the interior. Seriously loving it!

First Section without Tags

♥ First Section with All the Tags! ♥

Second Section without Tags

♥ Second Section with All the Tags! ♥

All the Tags Used in the Album!

Oh my oh my! Such a lovely mini album! Notice how the first section differs with the second? The first is much more colorful and fun style while the second is more to neutral and vintage looking style. I'm loving the musical sheet flap that holds 3 tags on the second section! Can't wait to start filling up this cute album tomorrow!


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