Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Planner Nerd Wednesday: Planner Inserts


Hello, dear friends! Today I will be sharing some photos of my planner inserts. 

I caught this planner-fever via Instagram, where a lot of people share their planner addiction, mostly beautifully decorated or drawn, and I thought, 'I want one too!' So, that was how this all started.

I don't own any fancy planner, all I have got are an A5 sized planner (made in China, totally affordable), and a personal sized which my sister gave to me. I absolutely love the knock off version A5 planner, and when I first bought it, I took it out everyday and stared at it ('cause still quite clueless what I should be doing with a planner back then hahaha)

I love the tuck-in clasp instead of magnetic clasp like most of the planners I saw online

I use the A5 for my daily journaling and weekly planning. I have been using the planner since November 2014, and instead of buying or printing the planner inserts, I decorate and 'design' my own version. To me, that is part of the fun (although quite tiring sometimes). 

It all started with simple elements, only post-it notes, page markers and some stampings.

These lined planner inserts came with the planner
Then I found my old stash of long forgotten sticker sheets, and started adding stickers all over the place. And I bought quite a lot of stickers too, until I told myself I need to stop buying unless I have used up all the old ones. I don't quite fancy the lined planner inserts, so I bought a pack of crisp white blank planner inserts, and I really love decorating them each week (Okay, that was a lie. I don't enjoy decorating them ALL the time, just most of the time).

My A5 Planner is used for daily journaling and weekly planning. And I love adding quotes I found online in them.

Then I dug out my stash of kawaii mini memo pads, which I have quite a few because I was an avid kawaii swappers a few years back. And they really brighten up my dull planner inserts, look!

My favorite Sentimental Circus!!

I even fuzzy cut the memo sheet just for a larger space to squeeze in my 'Weekend To Do' List!

And then, I bought a Happie Planner Kit from Happie Scrappie Sam Sam, because her kits are just too adorable!! And she is one of the reasons I fell into this planner-craze.

My favorite quotes thus far

How can you not love all the cute animal themed accessories from the November Happie Planner Kit?!

During the Christmas week, I pulled my stash of Christmas themed scrapbook supplies and tried to use them all on that week's inserts.

A 'meh' kind of inserts, not my absolute favorite

A boyfriend. But all I have got on Christmas day was a cockroach in toilet at 2 o'clock in the morning *cries*

These are most of my planner inserts for the last 2 months of 2014. A few weeks' inserts are missing because they aren't pretty enough to be showcased here ahahaha I do make substandard planner inserts from time to time, especially when I am late on the week (I usually decorate the planner insert a week before) or not in the mood.

And that is all for my first post on my planner. I think there will be more posts coming, but I am limiting to one post or two per month, because there really isn't much to blog about my planner. However, if you would like to get a more up-to-date update of my planner, do follow my Instagram account (ID: peifang_alice). I usually post my planner inserts (or a sneak peak of it) when I am done decorating them.

If you are a planner addict with an Instagram account or blog, do comment on my post and I will be sure to check out your account!

Alright, have a lovely day! *wink*


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