Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bucket List #60

Fire a gun, that is.

Opportunity arose and I took it. One of my BIL studied in 'military school' and they had an open day for all their ex-students to visit the campus and have a few rounds with the M-16. The best part? Families and friends are welcomed! Usually I'll just stay at home on a Sunday morning and daydream, but I really wanted to cross out another item on the list, so I took the chance. I did have a 'Oh God why~' moment because I suck at socializing, really. Can't hold a conversion for more than 2 minutes. *facepalm*

I remembered I kinda freak out at the last minute, right before the soldier on duty passed me the M-16. Actually my BIL briefed me before my turn so I know what to do. 2 rules: pull the trigger and DON'T AIM AT PEOPLE. Yeah, my BIL kept on reminding me about that second rule. 

Fired 20 rounds in total and only hit the target ONCE. I tried to aim, I swear, but my BIL told me the gun we were using, the 'aim thing' was askew, not my fault then~ 

After 20 rounds and having the gun powder smell stuck in my nose, I declare, Mission Accomplished! \(`.`)/

Well I hope the soldier on duty didn't laugh behind my back for my entirely inappropriate attire and probably the worst aim he's ever seen.

Bucket List #60 DONE!

Side Note: About the riding an elephant and camel items on my list, I will review it again as I've read news about how they torture the animals for tourists ride.


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