Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Planner Nerd Wednesday: Hello, Kikki K Lilac Planner

I have finally decided to sit down and make a blog post about my Kikki K Lilac Time Planner!

I wasn't planning to get this Lilac Planner (or any planner, really, though I've been eyeing this gorgeous for some time) because of the price. Then I saw the 50% off deal on Kikki K website, I just couldn't resist! And I received the package in a few days time, I was thrilled!

I have posted a few photos on Instagram when I received the planner, but I have not formally introduce the planner here on my blog.

Yes, I bought the gift bag for myself >.<

This planner comes with inserts and dividers of its own, but I am only using the Weekly View and Expenses Inserts. The remaining inserts and dividers are all in my old planner (which I have abandoned >.< ).

Took me some time to set up because I was thinking what sections I want to have in the planner. Basically I migrated everything in my old planner into my Lilac, and added a few extra sections. My old planner has limited space, one of the reasons why I wanted a new planner so badly.

I don't have a bunch of things in the pockets, just a few pretty and cute sticker sheets, and my colorful sticky flags that I used for color coding my appointments and to dos.

Migrated this front page from my old planner, along with the 'Life is Beautiful' Project Life card.

I am using the same 2015 Year Planner and Monthly Planner which I bought earlier this year. The Year Planner is used to record my family and close friends' birthday. I really can't remember their birthday, so thank you, Facebook reminder!

Sorry I didn't take any new photo for the Year Planner

My Monthly Planner which I use to draft my weekly to dos.

And the Month-in-View Inserts

I made this page marker from a Project Life card and some vellum, and I wrote down some favorite quotes and placed them on the page marker.

Make Progress or Make Excuses

And I have a daily To Do reminder that I never followed through, and some monthly trackers, right after my page marker.

I have divided my Lilac into 6 sections for now. 
  • The Monthly Planning section
  • Daily Journaling section which uses the Weekly View Inserts by Kikki K, along with Weekly To Do insert that I decorate myself
  • Weekly Art Journal section where I doodle and draw some highlighted events or random things for the week
  • Finance section, for my expenses record and monthly review
  • Craft section, which mostly is for my stamping and coloring indexing
  • Misc. section for other random stuffs, like list of books I have read for the year, movies I have watched, wish list and etc.

This planner is solely for my personal life planning, and I really enjoy making and decorating the Weekly To Do list, but maybe not so much on executing the tasks on the list hahaha

Since I have the Weekly View Inserts that comes with Lilac, I will not be making any more weekly inserts like I used to. Instead, I will be making a one-page Weekly To Do List with some random stuffs. That really cuts down a lot of time I used to decorating the weekly inserts.

Week 12 To Do List

Week 13 To Do List

The Weekly Art Journal section was not something that I have planned. Art journaling isn't really my thing, but after seeing a lot of inspiring and pretty art journal on Instagram, I thought I should give it a try. 

My very first art journal entry

And my latest art journal entry

The other sections are pretty much boring. The Finance only records my expenses, the not-so-in-use Craft section which I hope one day will be fully utilized for some serious crafty jobs, and lastly my still-under-'construction' Misc. section.

So far I am very happy with this set up, and even made my own travel themed dividers. I am thinking of adding another section too, or maybe just a few simple dashboards, to collect all my favorite quotes in one place.

This whole planner thingy has really changed my previously highly unorganized life into a somewhat organized life. It's always good to have a plan in mind, but even better when your plans are written on colorful inserts and decorated with pretty stickers. Sometimes I would just flipped through my planner mindlessly just for fun. Sometimes, after a tiring workday, I felt like I should just hug my Lilac to sleep.

I may not own a lot of fancy planners, but I know I have one that I have spent a lot of time and energy and creativity into making it my very own perfect planner.

I hope you like my Kikki K Lilac setup. Drop by my Instagram account for more of my latest planner addiction posts!

Have a lovely Wednesday, and see you again on my next Planner Nerd Wednesday post! 


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