Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planner Nerd Wednesday: January 2015 Planner Inserts Wrap Up

Hello, dear friends! This week's Planner Nerd Wed post is just a simple wrap up of the Planner Inserts I decorated in January. Each week of my planner inserts has its own theme, and I try to come up with a theme every week, but some are just random stamping and decorating.

Week 1

Week 1 itself has a few different themes. It started with bright and happy colors on Monday and Tuesday.

Close Up

Then it's all New Year's theme during the mid week.

And a drastic turn by the end of week 1, going all dark and monstrous. :p

Week 2

A wee bit lazy on week 2, and decided to use a bunch of Wizard of Oz Stamp Stickers. I added a few quotes from the book/movie as well.

Week 3

A random washi tape + deco rush decorating inserts, with short quotes here and there. I love short quotes.

Week 4

Glittery black cat on Week 4! Kuro Nyanko glittery sticker flakes and deco tape were used for this week's decoration, with the cute mustache sticky notes.

Week 5

Last week of January 2015 (I can't believe it, where has the time gone?! :-o) Going kawaii this week, with orange hand-drawn borders :x

And that is all for today's Planner Nerd Wednesday post! 
Thank you for dropping by, see you again on another PNWed~ :-h


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