Monday, July 7, 2014

(I was one of the) Featured Artist on Let's Get Sketchy!!

Oh.My.God!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I dropped by Let's Get Sketchy to see their new challenge, and my eyes wandered to the top, and saw myself as one of the featured artists!! *running-and-screaming-in-circles* hahaha

Here's the proof *heehee* 

That's my layout there, the fourth one!

This is my first time being featured on ANYTHING, so please excuse my excitement that I couldn't contain LOL 

Kindly scroll down my blog and take a look at the shiny badge I just added on the right hand side ROFL Kthxbye!

p/s: I was sick for half the week on last week, so I did not get any new layout done. Sorry for that. I promise there will definitely be a new layout this week, until then. *wink*


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