Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello 2013

 ♥ Decorated with the goodies I received in the Amy Tangerine Grab Bag ♥

Late, I know, but once in a while I forgot I have a blog (Okay that's a lie). Plus, I was busy making New Year Resolutions. Actually this is the second year I have a new year resolution. And for last year's resolution, I don't think I completed even one third of them, but that's okay, they're not really a matter of life and death to me. I didn't review them regularly and they ended up being forgotten, so this year I bought myself a decorated mini diary and put my current New Year Resolutions in it, and I have set reminders on my iPod Touch to review my Resolutions once every fortnight.

Some of my New Year Resolutions

It's a good start, because this year my One Little Word is 'Accomplish'. I want to be able to keep all my promises, before I commit myself to more important long term goals.

 And I have not yet written down anything on the One Little Word page *shame*

I think the hardest to achieve resolutions this year will be all financial-related. After working for a year, I still have less than 1k saving (and I should feel really really bad), and with my annual Sydney trip to visit my boyfriend, it's even harder to achieve. But I will still try my very best to cross out at least 10 items. There are still some items that I didn't put in, don't want to overwhelm myself, but I will put them in my monthly to do list, maybe?

★ Completed one item so far ★

I also used the mini diary to record my 'Week of Life Lists' and 'One Sentence Journal'. The diary is pretty much my 'foundation' for 2013. Other than creating 6x6 layout for my Resolutions Review, I think everything else will go in this book, don't want to have everything scatter around everywhere and ended up with 10 books/albums for 2013!

My Week of Life Lists

This is an awesome start of 2013 and hopefully I will keep up the good work and update the mini diary AND this blog regularly. =)


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