Saturday, October 13, 2012

I’m back! [permanently, hopefully =)]

Well, I just made blogging my new resolution before 2012 ends, so I’ll try to blog at least twice a month, and at the same time trying to force myself to create something every other week.  I guess in a way this arrangement will make me make good use of my free time and be more flexible about certain things.

My last post was like FIVE months ago *gasp* and many things has happened since. For instance, on the crafty side, I tried making minizine but realized they’re too tedious for me and I’m not a really good ‘graphic designer’ so I gave up on that.  Then I made one mini album for a short trip I had with my bf, AND another mini album for my trip to Sydney. I love the idea instantly and now is kinda hook to the scrapbooking side of paper crafting. Still a total newbie in terms of layout and such, but I hope I’ll be a master someday. =) AND I tried decorating a plain postcard with stamps and LOVE it! Really wouldn’t have guessed it that way. Probably will be making more when I’m able to squeeze some time for it. Okay, enough gibberish, I have plenty of time to gibber in the coming few months and LETS UPLOAD LOTSA PHOTOS SO I CAN QUIT TALKING TO MYSELF~!

Birthday Card I Made for my bf

These are 2 of my proudest creation. I love the one on the top better but I decided to let my swap partner have it. (p/s: I swap at, ID:fang0915)

Another card I made for a swap in my swapping wonderland

Another pair of my proudest creation. One was swapped, the other still with me. Oh, and these ATCs are part of my Alphabet series that I wish to complete before 2013. Speaking of which, I should start making the rest of the letters, only completed A, B, C, L and Q so far. *facepalm*

Simple birthday card for a friend

My first try at trifold card

Few pages of my first mini album

My very failed attempt on making minizine

Altered postcard

Second mini album for Sydney trip

A 6 x 6 layout I made for myself for my 24th birthday

And since pie chart is kinda the ‘in trend’ thing right now, I made another 6 x 6 layout on how I spend my weekdays

Phew~ Lots of photo spamming but you should be glad it’s not my face all over the blog post haha. I’m in the middle of writing my bucket list for a swap, and so far I only managed to get to 50 (the swap requires 100) and I have to admit I cheated in some because I have already accomplished some of it and added into the list later on, but who cares, it’s MY list =p


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